High fidelity near field monitor or main speaker for small recording studios with a passive radiator design.


The NF5 is designed to reach its maximum fidelity and excellent differentiation in near field monitor applications. The loudspeaker stands out with great power reserves and a small profile.

Thanks to a specially optimized waveguide, the speaker exhibits a very controlled dispersion pattern and guarantees minimal off-axis colouration. Furthermore the design maintains very low non-linear distortions, a feature that is so important for evaluating recordings and mixes. The NF5 is a passive radiator design which reaches a low frequency cut-off at 45 Hz. The speakers bass response is ideally aligned to achieve an optimal group delay and therefore ensuring high precision.

The NF5 incorporates a 2 way amplifier and a high resolution DSP for signal processing.

NF5 Side med


Our service includes installation, commissioning and final adjustments to fulfill the clients requirements and adaption to the listening space. The finish of the loudspeakers is customizable.

Frequency Response (free field)45 Hz – 24 kHz (+-3 db)
Maximum SPL @ 1m, 3% THD:108 dB (full space, 100Hz-10kHz)
Self generated noise:<21 dB(A), r=1m
Nominal input sensitivity:6 dBu, adjustable
Input impedance:75 kOhm
Maximum input level18 dBu
Output level at -10 dBu:88 dB @ 1m with gain knob at max. position
Nominal output power of the amplifier:LF: 125 watts, HF: 60 watts
LF driver:150 mm (5,5″) cone
HF driver:25 mm (1″) dome with waveguide
Crossover:24 dB/oct @ 1,6 kHz
Dimensions:170 x 368 x 295 mm
Weight:9 kg
Cabinet Design:front panel from solid oak wood, cabinet from MDF wood/deadsheet composite with black paint, other finishes on demand
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