Carvalho Cubes

5 inch fullrange reference monitores.

Extremely honest, small and a total bargain. Get here the construction plans for your own DIY Cubes.

Carvalho Cubes

The Carvalho Cube is designed to be a reference working tool for every day mixing. Its application helps balancing all the sound of a mix and reveals how it transfers to limited playback systems like mobile phones, car stereos, boom boxes,…

It’s a closed box design which employs the fantastic 5 inch full-range driver SPH-60X from Monacor. A speaker famous for its hi-fi qualities  and outstanding value-for-money ratio.

With an excellent sensitivity of 85 dB/1W/1m (8 ohms) it can be driven with almost any amplifier. Get Your plans here: extras

StudioCube side med

Carvalho Cubes

Frequency Response (free field)100 Hz - 16 kHz (+-3 db)
Maximum SPL @ 1m, 3% THD:95 dB (full space, 100Hz-10kHz)
Self generated noise:<21 dB(A), r=1m
Nominal input sensitivity:6 dBu, adjustable
Input impedance:20 kOhm
Maximum input level18 dBu
Output level at -10 dBu:84 dB @ 1m with gain knob at max. position
Nominal output power of the amplifier:40 watts
Fullrange driver:130 mm (5") cone
Dimensions:180 x 220 x 145 mm
Weight:4 kg
Cabinet Design:birch multiplex with clear varnish, other finishes on demand
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