3-way studio monitor with an exceptional performance.

The MM12 is universally employed as a main monitor for medium to large control rooms.


The MM-12 is the universal workhorse for medium to large control rooms of any recording studio. Its maximum fidelity and outstanding technical characteristics facilitate the control of tonal depth and auditory spaciousness within the smallest details of any sound entire mix. The loudspeaker has been designed for a perfect tonality at listening distances from 2 to 4 metres. Even at very high listening levels the MM-12 exhibits a superior performance due to its low non-linear distortion behaviour.

The MM-12 is a 3-way design with separate amplification. Low frequencies are reproduced by a 12 inch driver in a bass-reflex enclosure with aerodynamically optimized ports for assuring maximum dynamics. It exhibits an impressing bass response down to 25 Hz. For the mid frequencies operates a high sensitive 6 inch driver with a fast transitory response. This mid-range speaker offers a very linear behaviour which is most important in this critical frequency range. A special ring radiator coupled to a waveguide covers the high frequencies. This combination stands out with its controlled dispersion and  avoids off axis colouring. This widens the useful listening zone within the studio.

Each of the three speakers are driven with its separate amplifier channel and high resolution DSP.

Studio M12 angleM sm


Here you can see the last applications of the MM-12. Our service includes installation, commissioning and final adjustments to fulfill the clients requirements and adaption to the listening space. The finish of the loudspeakers is customizable.

Frequency response (half space):25 Hz – 28 kHz (+-3 db)
Maximum SPL @ 1m, 3% THD:120 dB (half space, 100Hz-10kHz)
Self generated noise:<22 dB(A), r=1m
Nominal input sensitivity:6 dBu, adjustable
Input impedance:75 kOhm
Maximum input level18 dBu
Output level at -10 dBu:100 dB @ 1m
Nominal output power of the amplifier:LF: 500 watts, MF 500 watts, HF: 120 watts
LF driver:300 mm (12″) cone
MF driver165 mm (6″) cone
HF driver:25 mm (1″) dual ring radiator with waveguide
Crossover:24 dB/oct @ 400 Hz and 2,8 kHz
Dimensions:554 x 774 x 370 mm
Weight:50 kg
Cabinet Design:front panel from birch multiplex, cabinet from MDF wood/deadsheet/multiplex composite with black paint, other finishes on demand
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